10 things that Teen Shouldn’t be Doing

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10 things that Teen Shouldn’t be Doing

10 things that Teen Shouldn’t be Doing

A Teenager or teen that’s comes under the age of 13yr – 19yr.Teen is the Stage where we develop our habits and way of living. The teen is the age where we choose many paths which make our life beautiful or worst. In this age, we take many good as well as bad decision which can affect our future.

Below list of 10 things that teen Shouldn’t be Doing.

1. Drinking Alcohol

In this age, we like exploring new things to make our self-happiness. While exploring we also explore things which can help to reduce some stress too. Many teenagers Start alcohol for fun or trying to look cool in their group by drinking alcohol. They feel it’s cool to drink, which is not good for them and many teens start drinking in the name of stress and get addicted to it.

2. Smoking

Teen Start smoking before the age of 18 because they think that shows independence. They see people do smoke and think that they can do too. Many times, their friends, encourage them to smoke and to Show off or they don’t want their friends to make fun of them, they do smoke and when they realize at that time they get addicted to smoking. And for more pleasure, they try different types of flavor or herbs.

Glass blunt is one of the most famous and addicted among the teenager. Because It has easy to hold and contain more herbs and only need to lite up once. Many of smoker prefer glassbunt with cannabis, marijuana and other herbs. It generally contain a glass pipe that substituted in place of paper blunts. Most of the Glass Blunt Accessories are easily available on internet.

3. Watching Porn

Watching porn increases your sex desire and you may stay unsatisfied many times since porn sex is not real. Many teens watch porn just for fun and they don’t even know the meaning of porn. Watching porn regularly can kill the romance in you. Many times, they get addicted to it and While growing they want to fulfill their needs badly.

4. Having Sex

As we all know sex is a physical need for everyone, but having pre-mature sex can give bad effect in your life. Sex can change your life and relationships. It may affect the way you feel about yourself and can give pleasure in your life, but at the same time pre-mature sex can Cause emotional damage on you many teens wants to have sex as soon as they get into relationship to satisfy each other and consider it as the most important part in the relationship Where some wait for the right time to pleasure each other. Most of the teenagers to do unexpected sex as they are too exited for it which can Cause pre-mature pregnancy or sexual disease.

5. Smoking Weed

Some kids begin using marijuana because they don’t understand the harm it can do to them while their brains and minds are still not fully developed. They use paper for smoking weed. There is the most popular small glass pipe called glass blunt an alternative to marijuana paper. It’s usable for more than 2 to 3 times. And it’s super easy to use.

6. Smoking Hookah

Hookah used to smoke different flavored of tobacco and it’s also known as water pipes. Just because of hookah is more popular every teen wants to try it. There are many diseases that can cause by smoking hookah.

7. Quick Decision

Life is Full of decisions Sometimes quick decision is unsafe decisive. At teenage kids make decision on the bases of emotion. Many teen face problems in taking career decisions which are very important. They just follow what their friends are doing without thinking twice about it. It is very important to think on career so that they should not choose the wrong path to follow just because someone else is following it.

8. Less conversation with parent

Teens love spending there most of the time with their friends and do a very less Conversation with their parents. They share their problems with their friends rather than parents thinking their parents won’t be able to understand them due to the generation gap and then the conversation gap gets increase between them. Teens should understand that their parents can be the best guide for their life since they know the world better than the people of their age.

9. Misuse of Internet

Now the Internet is a part of our daily life without the internet people feel helpless. People use the internet for every small thing and it is used by every group of age. They spend there most of the time by using the internet. But many times, people misuse the internet to earn money by bullying people. Many teens, they use the internet for sexting they send inappropriate massage or nudes. Many pictures or video can make teen out of control.

10. Unhealthy(junk) food

Teens having a very hiatic schedule between school and classes. They keep skipping their breakfast and eat junk outside. It’s very unhealthy because they can develop different issues in their body like heart problem, digestive issues, weight gain. That’s why parents always stopping their child from eating junk food.

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