Hadleyverse: A Pointless R Package

Arnon Kohavi April 11, 2016 0 Comments
Hadleyverse: A Pointless R Package

Hadleyverse: A Pointless R Package

I recently wrote a silly R package as a practical joke.  It’s called “Hadleyverse.” It just attaches Hadley Wickham’s packages.


# install.packages("devtools")


# All of the Hadleyverse is now available in your environment
# No need to call library("plyr"), etc!

# All of the Hadleyverse has been removed from your environment again

What Happens

When you install an R Package, R checks the DESCRIPTION file for dependencies. If you have unmet dependencies, R tries to install them from CRAN. Then, whenever you load the package, R makes those dependencies available. This package just “depends on” everything Hadley Wickham has published to CRAN, despite the fact that it doesn’t do anything. Here are the packages it loads:

  1. plyr
  2. ggplot2
  3. dplyr
  4. tidyr
  5. readr
  6. haven
  7. lubridate
  8. stringr
  9. readxl
  10. devtools
  11. xml2
  12. testthat
  13. assertthat

Detaching this package automatically detaches all of its dependencies. So after you detach the Hadleyverse, you’ll have to attach the packages you need again.

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