Computer & Its Types?

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Computing refers to the manipulation of data or information by electronic devices. Data can be stored, retrieved, and processed using computing. Computers are helpful for various tasks, including typing documents, sending emails, playing games, and browsing the Internet. As well as spreadsheets and presentations, you can even create videos with it. Here are the Computer & Its Types?.

Computer & Its Types?
Computer & Its Types?

Software vs. hardware

To understand different types of computers, we should first discuss two common elements: hardware and software.

  • The hardware on your computer includes anything that has an actual physical structure, such as your keyboard and mouse. In addition, all the computer’s internal components are shown in the image below.
  • In computer science, a software program is any set of instructions that tells a computer what it should do. Standard software includes web browsers, word processors, and games.

You will use both hardware and software together to operate your computer. You are probably viewing this lesson through a web browser (software) and clicking from page to page with your mouse (hardware). Please find out the differences in the hardware of different types of computers as you learn about them. The following tutorial will demonstrate how different types of computers use different types of software.


What kind of computer are you using?

Most people think of a personal computer when they hear the word computer, such as a desktop or laptop. Computers perform countless functions that come in all shapes and sizes in our daily lives. An ATM, a grocery scanner, a calculator, and other devices are all types of computers.

Desktop computers

Commonly used at work, home, and in schools. In a desktop computer, the computer case, monitor, keyboard, and mouse are part of a set of parts on a desk.

Laptop computers

A laptop computer is another type of computer, also known as a notebook. The laptop computer is a battery-powered laptop that can be used almost anywhere, making it more portable than desktop computers.

Tablet computers

Tablets differ from laptops in that they are portable, small, and lightweight. The touchscreen on tablets allows you to type and navigate without a keyboard and mouse. A typical example is the iPad.


It is a computer that provides information to another computer over a network. For example, on the Internet, you’re always looking at data that’s stored on a server. Additionally, many companies use local file servers for storing and sharing files.

Other types of computers

Although we don’t always think of electronics like computers, they are specialized computers. Below are some examples.

  • Cell phones are capable of many things that computers can do, including surfing the web and playing games via the Internet. The term smartphone is frequently used to describe them.
  • It refers to a range of devices that are worn throughout the day. Wearable technology encompasses fitness trackers and smartwatches. The term wearable is often used for these devices.
  • Playing video games on your TV is possible using game consoles, specialized computers made for that purpose.
  • There are applications available on most TV sets to enable online content access. Streaming video from the Internet directly to your TV is one example.


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