How to Clean a Phone Speaker

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Tiny dust particles, lint, and other dirt accumulate on your smartphone speakers over time. Eventually, they will muffle your sound if you leave them uncleaned for too long. In addition to cleaning your phone’s speakers yourself, you can also do this at home without spending any money. Here’s How to Clean a Phone Speaker.

How to Clean a Phone Speaker
How to Clean a Phone Speaker

Using household items to clean your phone’s speakers

Find your phone’s speakers

The Left and right of the charger port on the bottom of the iPhone are typically the speakers. The speakers are usually on the bottom of Samsung phones, but there is usually only one speaker on the charging port’s Left or right side. On most phone front faces, you find the ear speakers located on the top.

  • You can also find speakers on the bottom of the phone’s front face or the left side near the volume button.

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You can use cotton swabs to clean your speakers

Apply slight pressure to your speaker holes while moving them in circular motions. That should remove all the dirt from the speaker. Make sure you press the swab into the speaker holes if they are large enough. Nevertheless, don’t press too hard, just enough to get the tip of the cotton into the slot. Apply a little pressure to the swab after it’s inside. Rub it left to right. 

  • As soon as one cotton swab becomes dirty, replace it with a clean one.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to help get better results when dabbing your cotton swab.

Apply sticky tac to the speaker holes after forming a small ball

Take a piece of sticky tac that is 1 inch (2.5 cm) long and squeeze it into a ball. Make the ball soft and malleable by pressing it continuously. Press it into the speaker holes with enough pressure to get into the speaker. Make the sticky tac soft and malleable. The dirt should stick to the sticky tac if you hold it for 2 to 3 seconds and remove it. Follow this process until no debris is visible from the speaker.

  • Purchase sticky tac from a web or office supply store and ensure that the surface is always clean.

Use a medium bristle toothbrush to clean small speaker grills

Place the brush either on top of the phone or toward the bottom. Move it up and down in an upward and downward motion parallel to the top of the phone. Once finished, turn your toothbrush vertically (coinciding with the side of your smartphone) and sweep it up and down.

  • Scrub with bristles at the bottom of the brush to remove tough dirt.
  • Medium bristle brushes are ideal for removing dirt since soft ones aren’t effective, and stronger ones are too thick to access the tiny speaker holes.

Blow out dirt with compressed air.

Blow out dirt with compressed air 

Online suppliers, office supply stores, and electronics stores sell compressed air cans. Press the nozzle downwards and aim downwards. Notice how much air you are getting from each spray.

  • Invest in a can with a straw for more precision.

Using the straw, you can improve accuracy

You add the straw to the nozzle of the compressed air can. Ensure that it is aimed downward and that the nozzle is pressed down. The straw should shoot air out of its tip. To prevent air from flowing out of the nozzle, you will have to tighten the straw.

  • Using the compressed air can without a straw is fine if comfortable.

Three to four short blasts of compressed air are needed in the speaker slot

At least 1.5 cm (1.2 inches) should be left between the speaker opening and the nozzle of the straw. The cotton swab will be scraped off the speaker to remove excess dirt. 

  • You might damage the phone’s internal electrical components if you blow too close to the speaker.
  • Keep the straw steady as you blow air using your non-dominant hand if you plan to use it.


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