mhrd login: How to register and login in MHRD

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Traditionally, the National Apprenticeship Training Scheme has been administered by the Board of Apprenticeship and Training/Practical Training. The Ministry of Human Resource Development runs this flagship program of the Indian Government. It aims to increase the employability of technically qualified students by supplying them with the practical skills and knowledge they will need in their chosen field(s). Learn mhrd login: How to register and login in MHRD.

mhrd login: How to register and login in MHRD
mhrd login: How to register and login in MHRD

How do I register for MHRD Nats?

  • NATS Online Registration Portal was developed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, to help students gain technical skills and knowledge as part of the one-year apprenticeship program. By the constitution, the Boards of Apprenticeship Training and Practical Training established the National Apprenticeship Training System (NATS).
  • As part of the National Apprenticeship Training Scheme, the federal Government trains thousands of youth every year. State and federal government agencies will use the MHRD NATS Portal to register apprentices.
  • Candidates seeking one-year training in private or Government institutes, including BHEL, HAL, BEL, ISRO, ODF, NPCIL, State Farms Corporation of India, NTPC, ONGC, WAPCOS Limited, and NEEPCO, are encouraged to apply.

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Register for nontechnical courses on the MHRDD portal

Students can pursue technical training as an apprentice through the National Apprenticeship Scheme. Through this program, the Government will be making significant adjustments. 

These systems will now be available to students studying nontechnical topics as well. The Cabinet Secretariat has received a final cabinet note on this amendment on behalf of the Government. These changes will take effect only from 2021-22 to 2025-26. A meeting of the interministerial group was held on this topic, and the report was forwarded to the cabinet secretariat for review. As a result of this amendment, graduates, technicians, and degree apprentices will be able to receive educational training.

  • In addition to technical topics, nontechnical ones such as BA, BCom, BSc, and others are also eligible for this Scheme.
  • Ministry of skill development estimates that reimbursement of honoraria will cost Rs 3000 crore from 2020-21 to 2025-26.
  • There is cooperation between the Indian and UAE governments in apprenticeship. Through this relationship, skilled workers will be evaluated, reviewed, and certified according to their skill sets.

Mhrd NATS Registration Benefits

Taking part in the national apprenticeship program, which is available to all young people in the country, has numerous advantages:

  • A year-long apprenticeship program is the National Apprenticeship Training Scheme in India.
  • This program prepares young people for technical careers.
  • Students are provided with relevant information and skills to succeed in their fields through the curriculum.
  • Employers provide apprenticeships at their workplaces.
  • Having managers who are well trained and well-developed training modules help apprentices to learn the job quickly and competently.
  • An apprentice receives a stipend throughout their apprenticeship, with the Government of India paying half of that stipend to the employer.
  • The Government of India awards apprentices a Certificate of Proficiency that can be used to prove real workplace experience at any employment exchanges in the country.
  • On a federal, state, and private level, apprentices, are placed with employers that provide excellent training facilities.
  • The National Apprenticeship Training Scheme is one of the major government programs to prepare Indian youth for job opportunities.

MHRDD online registration features

Ministry of Human Resource Development established NATS through Boards of Apprenticeship Training and Practical Training. The scheme consists of the following features:

  • A number of the most distinguished institutions on the federal, state, and private fronts provide training to students.
  • Engineering students who have completed a degree or diploma in engineering can register for apprentice training through the NATS website.
  • A graduate/diploma student is trained in 126 topics over a year.
  • There is a regular apprenticeship fair to select students.
  • The program bridges the gap between the needs of employers and the talent pool of students.
  • By utilizing this program, new talent will be prepared for the workplace and meet companies’ HR needs.
  • Students graduating from these institutions gain access to better opportunities through the Scheme.

How to register for MHRDA apprenticeships

Interested parties should follow these instructions to apply for the National Apprenticeship Training Program:-

  • First, you should visit the MHRD website at
  • Go to the Registration page by clicking the button. 
  • On the page, you will find sections for eligibility check, questionnaire, directions, and preview and confirmation. 
  • The Eligibility Check section will appear when you choose I am a student.
  • Several questions regarding students will then appear.
  • The NATS program’s eligibility check has several questions to be answered.
  • Suppose you qualify for the training program, congratulations. A message will appear suggesting that you may enrol.
  • Ineligibility may prevent you from participating in the training program. We apologize! An alert will appear informing you that you are not eligible to participate in this apprentice program.
  • Click below to complete the application.
  • Click Save when finished.
  • You will then see the subsection Questions & Guidelines.
  • Before enrolling, review the instructions, the enrollment materials, and the terms and conditions.
  • You agree to the Terms and Conditions by checking this box.”
  • Click on Agree to continue.
  • In the Enrollment Form section, you will find tabs for Personal Information, Education Details, and Training Preferences.
  • Fill out the information you need.
  • Preview and save your work.
  • After that, you will see “Preview & Confirm”.
  • Please confirm that all information is accurate before clicking the Submit button.
  • On the entire page, you will see your Email address, User name, and Password.
  • Make sure the Close & Continue button is selected.
  • You can make a copy of this for future use.

Registration and login for MHRID

  • Visit the official website of the National Apprenticeship Training Program at
  • The homepage will appear on the screen.
  • Please click the Login link when the page opens.
  • After entering your login ID, Password, and captcha code, you are taken to a new page. 
  • Click the Login option to proceed.
  • You can access the portal through this method.

How do I download Nat’s certificates?

Upon completing your apprenticeship, the Indian Government will issue you a COP (Certificate of Proficiency). To get a copy of the COP, follow the steps below.

  • To access your MHRD NATS web portal, enter your NATS user ID and Password.
  • You will see your NATS profile on the screen.
  • Below that, you will find the COP section.
  • Click on the link in COP to download the file.
  • The COP will download to your computer in PDF format.

Registering for Mhrd Nationals – required documents

  • mark sheets for academic qualifications
  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Date of Birth Proof
  • Residence Proof
  • Bank account details


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