What Are the Different Types of Computers?

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There are numerous terms used today to describe computers. For the most part, the only thing implied is the computer’s capability, expected usage, or size. Most people are unaware, however, of the fact that there are several different types of computers. Let’s see What Are the Different Types of Computers?.

What Are the Different Types of Computers?
What Are the Different Types of Computers?

There are a variety of types of computers.

1. Personal Computers.

In the computing world, a personal computer (PC) is defined as a computer designed for a single individual. The majority of users consider Macs to be personal computers, while PCs running Windows are regarded as PCs. Because they were full-scale computers with a smaller size, personal computers were originally called microcomputers. Modern computers are best exemplified by the Apple iPad.

2. The desktop computer.

Computers that are designed for desktop users do not come in portable models. Computers designed for desktop use are mostly set up in a permanent location. Most desktop computers offer greater versatility, more storage, and more power for less money than portable computers.

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3. Portable computers.

The laptop, which is also known as a notebook, is a small-sized portable computer that can be placed on the lap for use. Batteries power a package that includes a display, hard drive, keyboard, memory, processor, and a trackball or pointer.

4. The netbook.

The portable computer known as a netbook is much smaller than the typical laptop. The cost of netbooks is much less than that of brand-new laptops sold at retail outlets, usually starting from $300 to $500. Although netbooks use less power than most laptops, their internal components aren’t as powerful.

5. Personal digital assistants.

A PDA is a portable computer that does not use a hard drive and instead uses flash memory. The devices come with touchscreens but no keyboard. The average PDA is lightweight, has a decent battery life, and is smaller than a book. PDAs are lighter and smaller versions of handheld computers.

6. Computer workstations.

This type of computer is also called a workstation. Workstations are usually desktop computers that have more memory, a faster processor, and the ability to perform a variety of specific tasks – like game design or 3D graphics – better than normal desktop computers.

7. The server.

A server computer is a computer that has been optimized in order to provide services across a network. A server usually has a large hard drive, a lot of memory, and a powerful processor.

8. A mainframe computer.

The mainframe used to be a huge computer that filled an entire floor or even a whole room. Essentially, mainframe computers have become enterprise servers, as their power has increased and their size has decreased at the same time.

9. Powerful supercomputers.

It is feasible to buy a supercomputer for hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars. The vast majority of supercomputers are comprised of multiple supercomputers working simultaneously as one system. The most commonly used supercomputer is manufactured by Cray.

10. Portable Computers.

The latest computing trend is wearable computers. The typical computing applications of today include calendars, scheduling systems, databases, e-mail, and multimedia. These applications are also incorporated into clothes, visors, watches, and visors.


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